Elementary School is a caring, nurturing environment where children are encouraged to learn and interact socially and the foundations are laid for their academic futures.

Our team of leadership and teachers are a team of dedicated, experienced, passionate and creative teachers who care deeply about education and each child entrusted to them.  The Elementary School includes Grade 1 – Grade 3 with three classes in each grade and approximately 24 children in each class.  There are 10 teachers and they are assisted in the classroom by assistant teachers and student teachers.

At MCS we believe that God has gifted all children wonderfully and differently and that our duty as educators, is to mould these talents to realise their fullest potential.

Our main learning areas are Mathematics, English, Life Skills and Afrikaans (First Additional Language.)The children also enjoy a variety of specialist subjects such as Art, Music, Computers, Physical Education, Guided Reading and Mini Chess.

We have a dedicated discovery center where children are taught non-device coding and perform various science experiments.

We aim to achieve high levels of academic knowledge but also develop skills, values and attitudes that will enable the children to face the challenges of school and life. The knowledge and skills learnt in the classroom are linked to life lessons learnt during sport, music and cultural activities.

We encourage a sense of environmental awareness with our Nature Club and Green Buddies, as well as a sense of community outreach with projects to benefit those less fortunate than us. We go on educational outings as well as having a variety of groups visiting the school to enrich the learning experience.

We strive to make the Elementary School a cheerful, friendly and happy place where teachers, parents and children work together to create an atmosphere where there is a love of learning and respect for others.

Children progress rapidly during this phase intellectually, emotionally and socially, developing skills for life-long learning.