Maranatha Pre-Primary follows the approach that children learn best through play. Research has proven for centuries that play affords children in-depth learning, where their growth and development is stimulated and challenged on multiple levels. Through play children learn to put ideas into action, negotiate and interact with others, develop understanding about themselves and their own capabilities, experiment and construct knowledge, and form positive self-identities.

Maranatha Pre-Primary boasts interactive and stimulating indoor and outdoor learning environments that are intentionally planned to extend and support each child’s learning journey. With dedicated professional Pre-Primary staff members, each child will receive individualized attention, ensuring their unique development and needs are nurtured and furthered, through quality and positive relationship and interaction.

Maranatha Pre-Primary programme provides learning opportunities that develop quality language, mathematical, scientific, and advanced thinking skills in our learners.  With emphasis on hands-on learning, each learner is empowered to take responsibility for their learning journey, and engage their mind, body and soul in everything they do.

Our Pre-School (Gr RRR/RR) uses the British based Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework as a guideline.

Our Gr R Programme uses the CAPS Curriculum as a guideline in conjunction with IEB Requirements.

We believe that the Learners in our programme will have opportunity to:

  • Receive responsive and appropriate support and extension for their individual development in social and emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual growth areas; grounded in positive and healthy self-concepts
  • Uphold moral and spiritual values consistent with Christian principles, affirming the worth and dignity of each child
  • Be welcomed on a daily basis to a learning environment that is rich in igniting further their imagination, curiosity, and nurture resilience as they are highly motivated to learn
  • Receive an educational programme that supports their ability to inquire and initiate their own learning; respected and known for their unique and individual learning styles, character traits, talents, and personal challenges
  • Be provided with a vigorous inquiry-based curriculum underpinned by holistic and integrated learning areas –  communication, language and literacy; mathematical development and problem solving; knowledge and understanding of the world; personal, social and emotional development; physical development; and creative development.
  • Have opportunities to develop their understanding, caring, and empathetic attitude towards themselves, others, environment and nature