At Maranatha Christian Primary School, we value:

  • Maintaining a platform of sound Christian Values, Ethics and Principles;
  • Implementing an enhanced motivation platform for the school management team, educators and administrative staff;
  • Providing a strategically structured education facility;
  • Providing a secure and professional learning environment;
  • Providing a disciplined and conducive learning structure for learners;
  • Showcasing a successful education facility and provider of quality education.

We implement a Christian philosophy of education, which is devoted to achieving each student’s God-given potential. Acknowledging God as the head of our school, we remain committed to prayer to discern His will. We hold the Bible as pre-eminent in all school operations, develop Bible knowledge within the academic curriculum and integrate spiritual truth into each subject area within the school. We strive to engage with the broader community, participating in outreaches and getting involved in community projects.

We believe that life is an ongoing process of learning – for staff through professional development, for students through education that equips them for life’s challenges, and for parents through active parent guidance.

Parents are the primary educators of their children and they choose to consciously trust the school to share this responsibility. Students are taught to be accountable for the choices they make and are expected to take appropriate responsibility for determining positive outcomes in every situation they may encounter.

Subjects offered for Grade 4, 5 and 6 – minimum requirements:

  • Obtained at least 50% in English.
  • Obtained at least 40% in Afrikaans FAL, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology, Social Sciences and Life Skills. (Life Skills is made up of: Creative Art, Physical Education and Personal & Social Wellbeing.

Subjects offered for Grade 7 and minimum requirements:

English as Home Language – Obtain at least 50%
Afrikaans as First Additional Language – Obtain at least 40%
Mathematics – Obtain at least 40%
Life Orientation
Social Science – History and Geography
Natural Science
Arts and Culture – Visual Arts
Economic Management Science

  • Obtain at least 40% in three (3) learning areas other than English, Afrikaans FAL and Mathematics.
  • Obtain at least 30% in two (2) learning areas other than English, Afrikaans FAL and Mathematics.

Research thoroughly when looking for a school: Financial stability, Umalusi accreditation, Registration with the DoE. Visit the school and ask if you can be shown around. Is the school well-maintained, neat and tidy? Do the students seem happy and are they friendly?  Do the classrooms contain colourful and interesting displays? Ask for the school’s Matric results, even if you’re only applying for Pre-school! These are the only results that are benchmarked against national averages and will give you an idea of the school’s Matric results. Remember that school’s will often only give you the results that make them look good, so be specific – ask for pass rate, university endorsement rate, and number of distinctions.

We have:
Learners who are top performers in all areas of academics, culture and sport.
Staff who are extraordinary – people that go the extra mile, working as a team.
A school with exceptional facilities.

Maranatha’s Primary School is unique in that it offers a schooling experience that is caring, loving and put the needs of the child first.  A child at the Primary school knows they are part of a Maranatha family, their emotional well-being is of utmost importance.